The Foundation of Wessex (Wessen - Junlana jaf Wessex) commonly referred to as the Foundation, is the official founding document of the modern state of Wessex, and the fundamental legal document. The document falls broadly in the categories of Liberal Democracy, and Direct Democracy. It establishes Wessex as an independent state, guarantees fundamental rights, and the form of government which Wessex currently has. 

As per Wessex's Directly Democratic Parliamentary System, the Foundation may be amended by a Referendum initiated by the public, or a group of the public, or by Parliament. Either way, it is voted on by the public at a Shiremaod and at a Parliamentary vote. Civil Referendums are those which are initiated by the public. 

The Foundation incorporates many political ideologies which together make up the Wessen Ideology, as it is so-called, which includes, Liberal Democracy, Liberal Democratic Socialism, Direct Democracy, Green Liberalism, Secularism and Liberalism. 


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