Foundersville Herald
Type Daily publication
Founded 1802
Founder(s) Sir Alexander Coleridge
Headquarters Herald Building, Foundersville, NI, Washingtonia
Key people Michael Lexington (CEO)
Ed Burrows (publisher)
Gustav Kowalski (editor)
Owner(s) Government of Washingtonia (89%)
EcruFox Media Group of Europe (10%)
Other (1%)
Employees 392

The Foundersville Herald (known as the Herald) is a daily newspaper published in Foundersville, North Island since 1802. It is the only newspaper in Washingtonia that has the government as its largest shareholder, owning 89% of the Herald. 10% is owned by the Herald's chief rival, the EcruFox Media Group of Europe (which publishes the Foundersville Investigator amongst others), and 1% is owned by everyday citizens.

Since its foundation it has been used as the public journal of Washingtonia, publishing notices by the government, most notably the commencement dates of new legislation and decrees. Although it is published in Foundersville, it is sold widely across the entire Kingdom, and can be obtained without charge at the Bureau of Information offices in any major city.



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