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Fourth Detariyan War

The collaboration between the Detariyan kingdoms and the University continued until in 3852 AL, they joined together to form an outright alliance against the guilds in 3852 AL. Hundreds of Altariyan mages escaped from the Order's siege and joined forces with the armies of the Detariyan kingdoms, which had been replenished in the twelve years since the previous war. At this point the guilds called out to a majority of all their capable spellshapers from throughout Ethaya to come to the assistance of their colleagues in Detariya - as well as calling out to their Alliance of guilded states for mundane military support.

The Fourth Detariyan War saw an all-out war between large mundane armies with magical support on both sides. The guilds had the advantage of numbers (of spellshapers), as well as certain kinds of technology; while the Altariyan mages had the advantage of nigh-impenetrable ward spells, which allowed them to wreak havoc for as long as they did not run out of mana and moieta.

Since at this point the Altariyan mages were operating throughout the continent, this was at first a major problem for them. Even as the Altariyan mages subverted the guild war effort by destroying leyline towers, the Order members destroyed the Altariyans' own leyline towers, for once their connection with the university's mana was cut off, the leyline towers could be attacked with a barrage of spells until their shielding was depleted of mana. The spellshaper prodigy, Zenithor of Altariya, resolved this problem in 3856 AL by launching the leyline relays into geostationary orbit, where they could not be intercepted or shot down by guild mages, and from which they could relay mana and moieta across much of the continent without obstruction, thus rendering the guilds' leyline technology obsolete.

The Fourth Detariyan War ended in 3857 AL with the retreat of the Order of Keepers and all other guild mages back to Ethaya. By this time the Order of Keepers was but a shadow of its former glory, and laughingstock of an entire continent.

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