The Fourth Segment is one of the most powerful members of the Palaedonii Segments, and undoubtedly the most aggressive. Unlike most of the other segments, it prefers to launch direct attacks against planets. Its most famous invasion (and only failure) was the Invasion of Concorus, in which it underestimated the strength and unity of its enemies. The Fourth Segment enlists most of its men to work, meaning that there isn't much need for large numbers of Cargo ships.


The fleet of the Fourth Segment is possibly the largest of all the segments. It is mostly based around having a big number of small, agile fighters. However, it also posseses three powerful battleships, each with Hyperspace technology. In total there is about five thousand ships.

Cargo ships

  • SS Armoury
  • SS Defender


  • SS Obliterator (lead ship)
  • SS Annihilator
  • SS Devastator
  • Scarab Fighters
  • Scorpion Fighters
  • Spider Fighters

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