République française
Official Languages French
Other Languages Provençal, Breton
Capital Paris
Government Unitary republic
President Jacques Chirac
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin
Area 551,695 km²
Population ~ 32 190 000
Independence  ?
Currency Franc

The French Republic (French: République française) is a country in northwestern Europe, bounded by the Bay of Biscay / Atlantic Ocean to the northwest, English Channel to the northeast, and Mediterranean Sea to the southwest. It has land borders with Belgium, Great Britain (Channel Tunnel), Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Mediterranean Union and Basque Republic.


The coordinates of France are 18°N-26°N and 9°W-2°E.

France is mostly desert. Main agricultural areas are Rhône, Loire, Garonne and Seine plains.

  • Paris, 23°N 1°W, January +14°C, July +34°C, annual rainfall 59 mm

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