The Franco-German Brigade (French: Brigade Franco-Allemande; German: Deutsch-Französische Brigade) is a joint formation consisting of units from both the French and German armies and is integrated in Eurocorps. It is currently the central brigade of the FGC as it existed before the union of the two countries, and all other FGC brigades follow an identical model.


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[[[Franco-German Brigade|edit]]] History

The Brigade was set up in 1987 following a summit between President Mitterrand of France and Chancellor Kohl of Germany. The Brigade became operational on October 2, 1989 under the command of General Jean-Pierre Sengeisen. Currently, the FGB is stationed at Müllheim, Donaueschingen, Immendingen, Sigmaringen, Meßstetten, Stetten am kalten Markt and Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany as part of the Eurocorps.[2]

In February 2009 it was announced that a German battalion of the force was to be moved to Illkirch near Strasbourg in France.[3]

[[[Franco-German Brigade|edit]]] Organisation

The Franco-German brigade can be described as a mechanised formation; its three main combat units are an armoured reconnaissance regiment, a mechanised infantry battalion and a light infantry battalion, together with an artillery regiment. France provides the armoured regiment and the mechanised infantry, while the light infantry and artillery, together with the brigade's engineering support, are German. The logistical support unit and the brigade's HQ have mixed complements drawn from both countries.[4]

  • HQ Company, mixed
  • Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (3e régiment de hussards), F
    • HQ Company
    • Armoured Reconnaissance Company
    • Armoured Reconnaissance Company
    • Armoured Reconnaissance Company
    • Anti-Armoured Company
    • Support Company
  • Light Infantry Battailon (Jägerbataillon 292), D
    • 1./HQ & Support Company
    • 2./light Infantry Company
    • 3./light Infantry Company
    • 4./light Infantry Company
    • 5./Heavy Company (Mortars, TOW, 20mm MK)
    • 6./Training Company
    • 7./Reserve Company
  • Mechanised Infantry Battalion (110e Régiment d'Infanterie), F
    • HQ Company
    • Infantry Company
    • Infantry Company
    • Infantry Company
    • Weapons Company
    • Support Company
  • Armoured Engineer Company (Panzerpionierkompanie 500), D
  • Artillery Battalion (Panzerartilleriebataillon 295), D
    • 1./HQ & Support Battery
    • 2./Armoured Artillery Battery
    • 3./Armoured Artillery Battery
    • 4./Armoured Artillery Battery
  • Logistic Battalion (F: Bataillon de Commandement et de Soutien, D: Deutsch-Französiches Versorgungsbataillon), mixed
    • HQ & Support Company (mixed)
    • Maintenance Company (mixed)
    • Supply Company (mixed)
    • Transport Company (D)
    • Administration & Support Company (F)

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