Francis Rupert Toodlemans (born November 2 1960), commonly known as Frank Toodlemans, or by his initials F.R.T., is the current Chancellor of the Karodian Union, assuming office after the 2010 elections.

Prior to being elected chancellor of the Union, Toodlemans was a Senator for Eyre Province since 1994. He was later elected Chief Executive of Eyre Province in 2003.

Francis Rupert Toodlemans
Official portrait
Chancellor of the Karodian Union
In office
March 3rd 2010 – incumbent
Deputy Nadia O'Connor
Preceded by Warren Klement
President of the Libertarian Party
In office
September 10th 2009 – incumbent
Deputy Nadia O'Connor
Preceded by Augustus Waters
Chief Executive of Eyre Province
In office
October 22nd 2003 – February 2nd 2010
Deputy Jonathan Wong
Preceded by Harold Carson
Succeeded by Janet Beccaro
Senator for Eyre Province
In office
May 6th 1994 – February 2nd 2010
Personal details
BornNovember 3rd 1960
Eden City
Political partyLibertarian Party
Spouse(s)Veronica Toodlemans
ChildrenFrank, Meryl, Lucy
ResidencePenrose Manor

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