The Free State of Auraucania is a socialist state located along the Pacific Coast of South America and inland into the Andes and Patagonian regions.

Free Socialist State of the Auraucanian People
Mapu Auraucania
Motto: Libertas est usque ad mortem.
Anthem: Disaster of Curalaba
and largest city
Official languages English, Spanish
Demonym Auraucania
Government Socialist state
• Chairman
Galvarino Tralkan
Legislature Presidium
• Independence from Spain
• Auraucanian revolution
November 3rd, 1900
• 2014 estimate
40 million
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
$100 billion (57th)
• Per capita
Gini (2014) 0.377
low · medium
HDI (2014) 0.67
medium · medium
Currency None
Time zone PST (UTC−8)
• Summer (DST)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .fa

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