Freedom Party
Freedom Party

HQ: Friendship, Kingdom of Nanteos
Color Red
Ideology Laissez-faire, Libertarianism, Non-interventionism
Important Historical Figures George Fawkes, Daniel Norris, Carter Simms

The Freedom Party is a political party in the Kingdom of Nanteos. It is considered the second strongest party at the current time. It's rival is the Moralist Party. It Currently holds 8 seats in The High Council, 10 mayoral seats, and has had 8 of the 14 Chancellors serve under its banner.


Economic Issues

Freedom Party members support right of center economic policies. They dislike the idea of a minimum wage and claim it would be hurtful to the economy to pass such as law. They oppose most social services, believing private charities should be used instead. They also oppose tariffs, and believe in a flat tax bracket.

Social Issues

Freedomist are libertarian when it comes to Social issues. Most are pro-choice or at least believe it is not a nation issue. They also do not support any anti-gay legislation such as a defense of marriage act. Freedomist claim a defense of marriage act would be illegal due to the Royal Proclamation of Unionization. They also oppose censorship of any and all things.

Foreign Policy

Freedomist believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Voter Base

The Red party typically do better than their Golden Adversaries in the cities of Friendship, Jack's City, Starfell, and Southbeach. They typically have a stranglehold on the Dunmer vote and do better among Sillian immigrants. The upper class and academia also normally support the Freedom Party.

Last Elections

In the last round of elections the Freedom Party candidate Dr. John Lowe lost a close race to Sir William Hyatt. The Freedom Party lost its hold on The High Council, but still picked up both seats in Southbeach, Friendship, and Starfell. They were also able to pick up one seat in the cities of Jasper and Psychograd.

The Freedom Party took a huge blow when councilor Llud Coleman of Jack's City , a long time Freedomist, declared he would now run as an independent. Coleman stated he left the party over the party's refusal to use tariffs.

The red party still maintains a hold on the government at a municipal level. 10 out of 12 mayors are Freedom Party candidates. Including the mayor of Moralist Party stronghold, Nanteos.

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