French Wars
Napoleon friedland
Napoleon at the Battle of Friedland, the battle that ended the wars.
Date 18 May 1803 – 24 June 1807
Location Europe
Result French victory
Treaty of Paris
France absorbs all client states
Prussia and Austria become puppets
Flag of the Union of Britannia Britannia
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1750) Prussia
Flag of the French Empire France

French Clients:
Flag of the Rhine Rhine
Flag of the Netherlands Holland
Flag of the Kingdom of Naples (1808) Naples
Bandera de España 1808-1813 Spain
Flag of Poland Warsaw
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Italy

Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517) Ottoman Empire

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