City of Friendship

Official language English

Colin Moriarty
Ethinic groups Welsh, English, Gullah

Friendship is the 3rd biggest city in the Kingdom of Nanteos and its industrial heart. It is headquarters to the Peppa-Cola Company and home to the biggest stadium in Nanteos, Swing Stadium.


Pre-Kingdom Era

Friendship and its neighbor Jack's City were independent city-states that were allied in times of crisis. They Establish good relations with Nanteos and the Knights of Nanteos, but due to their democratic traditions they did not want to join the Kingdom.

Blackacre Invasion

When the empire of Blackacre destroyed some Friendship vessels the city knew that they needed protection. Their mayor George Fawkes met with King William I and discussed creating a Kingdom in which there was a republican form of government. The King agreed, and the Royal Proclamation of Unionization was written. With ratification of the Proclamation, Friendship became the 6th city to join the Kingdom.


Friendships economy is based upon the very several industrial plants around it. Gia Motors manufacturers all of their cars in the city.


Racial Makeup

Like the other Southern cities Jack's City and Noirville, Friendship has an above average Gullah population. Friendship has a much larger Welsh-English population than Jack's City or Noirville, however. The current racial makeup is as follows:

  • 77% Welsh-English
  • 22% Gullah
  • 1% other such as Dunmer and Korean.


Friendship used to be an almost completely Unitarian city. Although in recent years Baptist and Methodist missionaries have broken the monopoly on faith in the city. The most recent census of religious faith in Nanteos looks like this:

  • 88% Unitarian
  • 6% Kabbalist
  • 5% Baptist
  • 1% Other faiths such as Methodist and Daedra worship.

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