The Frihtz Arms Manufactury is a corporation dedicated to creating rudi

The FAM symbol, similar to the symbol of the Bodyguards

mentary firearms, they are based near the violent planet of Frihtz 21 (they are based at Frihtz 23) and sell arms to the civilians, they do a succesful trade, because the colonists need weapons to fight of the vast legions of natives and beasts that exist on Frihtz, they also do business with offworlders.

Frihtz 23

Frihtz 23 is a rocky world with little atmosphere in the Frihtz system, it has a cold atmosphere, and is home of the Fhritz Arms Manufactury, which sends its cargo into a space station in orbit using Mass Drivers.

Weapon Technology

The signature weapon of the Frihtz Arms Manufactory is the CMP-22 'Ambassador' Sub-Machine Gun. It is a conventional cartridge-based firearm, with decent damage output and rate of fire, the only area it lacks is in accuracy. 

They make up for this with the CR-1 Battle Rifle, an accurate, semi-automatic firearm that is more than capable of dispatching enemies at long range.

But, if you are hurting for money, you can buy the MFAM Pistol, a semi-automatic pistol with decent accuracy and damage, a common weapon throughout the Oppi-Laari, even adopted by some of the Irregular Oppi Militia.

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