Fritz Wilhelm

Fritz Wilhelm is the current president of Arul. He was born on March 5th, 1968, and is 45. His family is from Arulian descent and he lives in Lewport. When he was 10, he became interested in politics. His family was not a political family, but they helped him anyway, finding him private classes on politics. When Fritz was thirteen, he decided to go to college and get a degree in geopolitics when he was out of school. But there was a unexpected twist.

Military Life

Fritz joined the Arulian Marines instead of going to law school. The Vietnam war was going on and Fritz wanted to help his country fight alongside the Americans. This was when he was fifteen, the age someone could join the military.


Fritz in Vietnam

Fritz fought in Vietnam, being one of the soldiers to attack Ho Chi Mihn City. He was a rifleman, even though he sometimes drove transports. After the war he resumed his political career, but with a new knowledge of war.

Fritz returned home and began to work on getting elected. After he joined the race to become president, the army favored him and elected him. In Arul, the army elects the leader. Fritz was elected in 1980, and is still in office. Policies Right to Organize: No WMDs: Yes NBC Weapons: Yes Foreign Interference: Yes Human Rights: No Right to Privacy: Partial Gun Rights: Partial Capitalism: Yes Death Penalty: Yes


Fritz might be the most popular Arulian president, because he does not interfere with his citizens lives too much. His popularity rating is 67 percent.


Fritz focuses on improving the Arulian military, making transportation and travel easier, and cracking down on illegal immigration. Later he plans to build more public works projects like bridges and roads.

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