All future territorial reservations are to be recorded on this page, and are only official on this page. IC reservations or "maybe" reservations on other talk or admin pages do not apply if they are not documented here. Should you want to reserve territory, place it in the requests section; admins will decide whether or not to approve your request.

Things to note:

  • Reserving huge amounts of territory will probably be denied.
  • Reserving territory very far into the future will probably be denied.
  • Reserving territory then after a while canceling your reservation will reflect badly on you and will count against you in future reservations.
  • The reason for your reservation must be good and not just "because." Reserving territories out of spite or just to improve your nation will probably be denied.
  • Admins allowed to exercise discretion.

Reservation requests


  • When will this territory be incorporated ICly: During November 2012
  • Why are you reserving this territory: The former region of Belgium had both strong French and German communities, and with Benelux's economy doing so well, France and Germany want to form an economic union. However, with the decline of global political instability and the possibility of a Russian invasion, Germany, France and Benelux want to form one nation. ((bullshit non-canon reason))

Requests under this line:

Can I reserve Japan and Korea? XXstormmXX


Nation applicable to reservation: Imperial Dictatorship of New Japan

Territory to reserve: All of Japan and the Koreas


NJP world map

When will territory be incorporated: January 2012

Why are you reserving: Because my plan is to have a Japanese dictatorship similar to imperial Japan, and Korea will be the first target for conquest.

Amazonian Brazil & Essequibo 

User: Krasnoyarsk (talk) 00:01, February 1, 2014 (UTC) 

Nation app.: Kingdom of Palmares

Territory: Brazilian provinces of Amazonas, Acre and Roraima

When: February - May 2013 

Why:Ecofascist nation forms in Amazon to resist destructive exploitation. Secedes from Brazil. 



Official reservations (admins only)

North America

South America





See also

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