This new conworld aims to create a fact-based fiction on the first agrarian society and successors of the Kebaran culture. The Natufian Era symbolizes the transitive period from semi-nomadic culture to possibly the first farming communities located in the Levant. This world also encompasses any Epipalaeolithic society that is related to the Neolithic Revolution. The subject of early religions emerging from previous shamanistic mythologies is also a very important part of this macrocosm. Göbekli Tepe serves as the physical evidence that larger groups were working together in very particular instances. This also indicates that the level of social organization was either more complex or had been so long enough to materialize and leave remains that can still be uncovered in our current era. It is an epoch where everything can happen, from life-changing discoveries to enlightening new perspectives on the role of Homo, as he travels the face of Earth and inside his mind, introspectively searching for a spiritual explanation to the Cosmos.

The Neolithic Revolution

The end of the Mesolithic period brought a great deal of changes to Homo's hunting and gathering traditions. The Holocene period had just begun and climates were getting warmer, forcing the Stone Age societies to adapt to their changing environment. While some had now more lands to hunt and scout for wild cereals and other edible plants, others had large forested hunting grounds turn into arid steppe. This was the case for the inhabitants of the Levant whom then had to find new ways of survival. The hunting parties may have had more difficulties in coming back home fruitfully and there was perhaps less edible plants to be gathered. In both cases, the Old Stone Age Homo Sapiens living in the area currently known as Syria/Turkey persevered through this traumatic event, adapting to this new harsh existence and securing a new providing method for food. The predecessors, possibly Kebarans, had provided their successors with geometric microliths, grain grinding tools and possibly techniques on how to survive within a vast range of different environments.

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