Mazin FA-108
The GA-108
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Service history
In service 2008–Present
Used by Pravus Combat Legions
Production history
Designed 2005–2008
Manufacturer Global Armaments
Produced 2008 - Present
Number built 75,000
Weight 2.5 kg (unloaded
3.1 kg (fully loaded)
Length 43.2 cm (folded)
75.2 cm (unfolded)
Width 5.4 cm
Height 22 cm

Caliber 50 x 5.56x45mm NATO
Rate of fire 1000 rpm
Muzzle velocity 820 m/s
Effective range 300 m
Maximum range 600 m
Sights Magpul MBUS; back-up iron sights

The GA-108 is a selective fire, 5.56x45mm assault designed and manufactured by Global Armaments. The weapon is used by the human forces within the Pravus Combat Legions'. Compact and durable, the GA-108 was originally designed as an export weapon, but the Second American Civil War prevented Pravus International, GA's parent company, from selling the weapon to its biggest contractor. As a result, the weapon was shifted into service as a sidearm for the human forces within the largely automated PCL, issued typically to engineers and field personnel.



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