The World of Gaia

The temperate world of Gaia is a terrestrial planet that is located in the Helios Twin Star System. The fourth planet from the twin stars, Gaia is the capial planet of the Federal Republic of Allied Star Systems (F.R.A.S.S.) Gaia has become the adopted homeworld of humanity, ever since the Cataclysm of Earth in the early 22nd Century CE. The planet has purposely become the literal centre of the F.R.A.S.S., making it a hub of economic trade.


Before Colonization

The planet of Gaia was formed from debris of asteroids and matter after the creation of the twin stars Helios and Apollo roughly five billion years ago. This planet was nearly twice the size of Earth, and a billion years old. The planet was first discovered by the Ang'Lai Theocracy in the year 5,091 BCE. They considered the planet to be unable to support life

The world of Gaia was formed after the creation of the Helios Twin Star System. The planet has been dated to be around five billion years old, making it a billion years older than the planet Earth. The planet was first discovered by the Ang'lai Theocracy in 5,091 BCE, where they gave it the grade T0, meaning they considered the planet unsuitable for life. The world was the ideal tempeture to support life, but it lacked any atmosphere. At this time, terraforming operations were extremely expensive and risky ventures, so the Ang'Lai Theocracy decided not to improve this Terrascore.

The Arrival of Humanity

The human race, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, had evolved and trived on the planet Earth, found in the Sol Star System on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way.

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