The Galactic Empire of Holly Grove is an interplanetary nation ruled by Michael Bassett and Pierson Parker, that is currently at war with sapient cats from Earth. The galaxy is named after it's capital planet, Holly Grove, which in turn is named after it's sun. The galaxy is under strict joint dictatorship. The government owns a superweapon called The Eternal Firestar, which is 3/4 the size of the capital world, but is capable of destroying planets up to 2,000 times it's size. The galaxy's two most powerful species are Symbites and humans. They are considered the most purest of souls. Some lesser species can also hold political power but are not considered pure. These include, Hayzaxians, Kiddiis, and Urosians. But some species are considered bad for society. They have barely any political say. They include Kats, Joozooks, and Lennits. The Galactic Empire of Holly Grove was formed in 30023, the same year Michael Bassett became Chancellor.

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