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Gallainic Kingdom
Ryght nGhlainnach (Ancient Zilenian)
Motto: Fed bú aRy!
Long live the King!
Gallainic Kingdom area
The maximum extension of the Kingdom, by the 1st Century BC
Capital Tidèch
Official languages Zilenian
Government Theocratic monarchy (435-297 B.C.)
Absolute monarchy (297B.C.-0 A.D.)
• Ry (first)
Gléulugh I
• Ry (last)
Govór III
• Formation
435 B.C.
• Disestablishment
0 A.D.
• Total
7.500 km2 (2.896 sq mi)
• 0 A.D. estimate
Currency Ór
Time zone Lecrotian Standard Time (UTC+1)

The Gallainic Kingdom was an ancient kingdom, located in the Ghlainn Plain. It lasted from 435 B.C. to 0 AD, when it was invaded by the Romans.

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