Gary George Pateman (b. December 8, 1952) was Chief Minister of West Mainland from March to July 2004. He defeated Tom Southwell in a ballot for the leadership of the state Liberal Democratic Party on March 17, but was defeated at the general election in July that year. He resigned from the leadership but not from the legislature, and remains a member of that body. He has also written extensively for a variety of sources.

Luke Backen
Position 2nd Chief Minister of West Mainland
Term in office March 17, 2004 - July 26, 2004
Preceded by Tom Southwell
Succeeded by Luke Backen
Political party Liberal Democrat
Total time in office 4m, 9d
Born 8th December 1952
Partner Annie Pateman (since 1977)
Preceded by
Tom Southwell
Chief Minister of West Mainland
March 17, 2004 - July 26, 2004
Succeeded by
Luke Backen

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