The General Assembly of Indiana is the two body legislative governing the Commonwealth of Indiana. Composed of the upper Senate and lower House of Represenatives its shares similar qualities of the United States Congress. The General Assembly meets annually at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis.

Members of the General Assembly are elected from districts that are realigned every ten years. Representatives serve terms of two years and senators serve terms of four years. Both houses can create bills, but bills must pass both houses before it can be submitted to the governor and enacted into law.

The powers of the Indiana Gerneral Assembly is shown in the Indiana Constitution, which allows the body to ajust taxes, social polices, maintaing a military. Indiana legislators make a base annual salary of $22,616, plus $155 for each day in session or at a committee hearing and $62 in expense pay every other day.

Powers of the President

The Hoosier President has complete control over the General Assembly, she has unlimited speaking time, empovers the speaker of not only the Senate but also the House of Represenatives. She may dissmiss the General Assembly, veto any law, reject any law to enter committe. She is given one vote in both the senate and house, where as the Vice President's vote can only be counted in the matter of a tie.

Party Composition

With a seating of total of 100 seats for the represenatives and 100 for the senators, each from the collection of counties known as cantons.

Paintings of the General Assembly

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