General Association of the Bar
Logo General Association of the Bar of Washingtonia.png
Abbreviation GAB
Motto Salus populi suprema lex esto
(The Good of the People shall be the Supreme Law)
Predecessor Washingtonian Lawyers Guild
Formation 3 June 1916
Type Mandatory bar association
Headquarters Bar House, Foundersville, North Island
Official languages English and French
Director Austin Murphy
Main organ Executive Committee
The General Association of the Bar of the Kingdom of Washingtonia (commonly referred to as the Bar) is the legal profession's mandatory association which represents lawyers' interests, enforces legal ethics and regulates legal education as well as admission to the Bar. The Bar was established by the Practice of Law and Related Matters Act of 1916, succeeding the unofficial Washingtonian Lawyers Guild, which itself was established in 1883.

Legal basis

The Practice of Law Act provides the following:


Washingtonian Lawyers Guild

Main functions

Interests of the profession

Legal education and admission to the Bar

Enforcement of ethical discipline


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the management and directoral arm of the Bar. It consists of the following members:

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for enforcing professional ethics among lawyers in Washingtonia. This includes ensuring that lawyers do not mislead the public and that they act in the best interest of their clients. Disbarments are handled by the Ethics Committee; including in cases of financial misconduct. It is chaired by the Deputy Director for Ethics.

Fees and Finance Committee

The Fees and Finance Committee has an internal and external responsibility. Internally it is responsible for the Bar's finances; that is, membership fees and accounts among other things. Externally, it is responsible for the regulation of lawyers' fees in the country. As per its rules and the Practice of Law Act, lawyers cannot have excessively high fees (or unreasonably low fees) and that the Bar is responsible for enforcing this. The Committee publishes in the Bar's annual report a list of price brackets which all bar certified lawyers must adhere to. The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Director for Fees and Finance.

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