Meitot Geola
Official Languages Shecelan, Egraian
Other Languages Gacmescese
Capital Meshele
Government Constitutional monarchy
Monarch King Fendicot V
Egraian: Fendicu V
(Fendicot Egedlot Farart Urdot Hassavidert)
Prime Minister Endisot Caraft Massisht
Area 98,499 km²
Independence August 11th, 952 AD
Amuiltad 22th, 1649 AI
(from theocratic authority)
Currency Geoloan Tarle

The kingdom of Geolo is a landlocked country in northwestern Tavastia.


Geolo is a country of flat terrain, that surrounds Lake Geolo, that is 418 meters over main sea level. The tallest mountain is Bangult Hill, 602 meters MSL, and the lowest point is where River Forove enters Gicoscan territory, 304 m MSL.


In the beginning of the 7th century BC, Boggiedan tribes inhabited the immediate surroundings of Lake Geolo, and Tavastian tribes lived in the eastern and southern parts.

Frasarian religion holds that on 697 BC, the last prophet, son of the God Leader, Imalnot, died. They also claim that he had saved the Boggiedan from natural catastrophes caused by evil and given the good the possibility to reincarnate as whatever they want. Soon after the event, the Boggiedan tribes united and created an empire, based on the holy island (Island of Eternal Life, Tresept Gannudai Argace) in the middle of Lake Geolo. The Geoloan Holy Empire was at its greatest in the 1th century BC, containing modern Geolo, Sheceo, most of Egraio and Gacmetsu and parts of Haudu, Julen, Väbemban, Alstar, Orifäz and Gicosco.

During next centuries, the theocratic empire diminished, eventually possessing only the island. However, the Vauramoan Tavastian tribe (having the eastern side of the lake) and Kingdom of Egraio (on the western side) underestimated the Geoloan power. The Vauramoans attacked Egraio in 935 AD, resulting in an long-lasting and brutal war. For almost two decades, the holy Empire remained neutral in the middle of scene, which was unacceptable to the nobles. HDH Imalnot XII, who succeeded to the heavenly throne in 952, gave "mortal authorities" all the political power. This made space for a wave of religious and national uprising amongst the Geoloans abroad. As a result, the Geoloans had a victorious war against both Egraians and Vauramoans, expanding the no-more-theocratic empire.

The next political change worth mentioning is the constitution of 1940, which finally gave the ordinary people some power.


As the holiest sites of Frasarianism are in Geolo, and there are over a billion Frasarians worldwide, millions of pilgrims a year visit Geolo, bringing money. The ultimate authority of Frasarian Church resides also in Geolo. It doesn't pay taxes, as the Holy Island is an autonomous region, but trades with mainland Geolo very much.

Continent of Tavastia
Sadcodanian Peninsula, countries: Borano | Egraio | Gacmetsu | Geolo | Gicosco | Harabon | Iaugart | Luwiyya | Nacaran | Sheceo
Nilatien Peninsula, countries: Esbu | Helsink | Vantaga

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