George Fawkes/King George I

4th King of Nanteos
Born Friendship
Family Fawkes Family
Preceded By King William I
Succeeded By King William II
Religion Unitartian
1st Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William I
Preceded by N/A

Born Friendship
Political party Freedom Party
Defeated Sir Daniel Davide
Profession Politician
Religion Unitartian

King George I formerly known as George Fawkes was the 4th King of Nanteos and the 1st Chancellor of Nanteos.

Personal Life

George was married to Friendship Actress Martha Fawkes. They had two children a daughter and a son. Their son died at birth. Fawkes was a commander in the Friendship militia until being elected mayor.

Political career

George Fawkes was elected mayor of Friendship when he was only 20 years old. He lead the city until it joined the Kingdom of Nanteos. After joining the Kingdom Fawkes became the 1st ever Chancellor of Nanteos and served one full term as his spot. Fawkes became King of Nanteos after the death of King William I.

1st Avalonian war

While King, George declared war on the neigboring nation of Silla and commanded troops that would win the 1st Avalonian War.


Fawkes named his son-in-law, Knight of Nanteos and decorated admiral, Sir Jack Sparrow as his heir. Upon George's death Jack assumed the throne.

Kings of Nanteos
Jacob the Painted King Marcus I King William I King George I King William II King William III King William IV

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