George Michael
George Michael
Portrait of George Michael
Chairman of the Alliance High Command
Personal details
Born11 August 1956
Billings, Montana
ProfessionCareer soldier
ReligionRoman Catholic

George Michael (born 11 August 1956 in Billings, Montana) in an Allied States Army general who is currently serving as the first Chairman of the Alliance High Command (previously Joint Chiefs of Staff), since 2007. Prior to the secession of the Allied States from the United States, Michael served as the Deputy Commander of the Multi-National Corps – Iraq.

Early life

Michael was born in Billings, Montana on 11 August 1956 to a medium income family. His mother died giving birth, widowing his father, a former Marine. He attended Billings Central Catholic High School before joining the Army at age 19. After one year serving, Michael was admitted to the United States Military Academy at West Point, and returned years later as a commissioned Captain.

Military career

In 1990, Michael took part in the Gulf War with the 3rd Armored Division. His service throughout the war earned him a promotion to Major. Afterwards, Michael had several administrative jobs at the Pentagon as a liaison for USAFRICOM. Michael was deployed to Iraq as the Deputy Commander of the Multi-National Corps - Iraq in 2003. At that time, he held the rank of Colonel.

In late 2006, weeks after ending his tour of Iraq, Michael joined the Allied secessionist movement. His office was based in Jefferson City at this time, after the Pentagon's activities were divided across the country to ensure military continuity if the Allied States secedes. He met his current wife, Isabel during one of the rallies in Oklahoma City.

In January 2007, when the Allied States finally seceded from the United States, Michael, who was still employed by the United States Army, was transferred to the Allied States Army. Having personally known James R. Eden, who was Undersecretary of the Army, Michael was appointed as the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (now known as the Alliance High Command), after being promoted to full general.

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