The Georgeland Broadcasting Corporation is the primary public broadcasting service in Georgeland. The GBC as it is usually known is based on the UK's BBC and shares much of the same programming. It also has partnerships with PBS in the United States, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the ABC in Australia.



The GBC has a board of governors, headed by a Chairman. There is also a Director-General. The Chairman and the board run the corporation, while the Director-General, responsible to the board, is the officer in charge of programming and operational policy. The current Chairman is Lucy Dodd; the current Director-General is Sandy Brigstowe. The GBC is responsible to the federal Department of the Arts, Communications and Information Technology, and the Minister, currently Bob Prior, has an active voice in the GBC's governance.


Local Programming


News & Current Affairs




Overseas Programming




Public Image

Notable personalities

Chairmen of the GBC Board

  1. Donald McGuinness (1934-1940)
  2. Paul Kennedy (1940-1943)
  3. Richard Douglas Alexander (1943-1950)
  4. David Rothman (1950-1956)
  5. Peter Albert (1956-1962)
  6. John Gilbert (1962-1970)
  7. John Russell (1970-1978)
  8. Michael Anderson (1978-1982)
  9. Dennis Carlisle (1982-1987)
  10. Jennifer Webber (1987-1992)
  11. Rod Graham (1992-1998)
  12. Richard Sutherland (1998-2004)
  13. Lucy Dodd (2004-)


  1. Ray Hobbes (1934-1939)
  2. Stuart Wild (1939-1944)
  3. Colin Millichope (1944-1954)
  4. Thomas Donnelly (1954-1959)
  5. John Gilbert (1959-1962)
  6. Peter Drysdale (1962-1972)
  7. Allen Steggles (1972-1976)
  8. Andrew McBride (1976-1981)
  9. Francis Power (1981-1986)
  10. Jonathan Hume (1986-1990)
  11. Donald Davis (1990-1992)
  12. Bert Billson (1992-1997)
  13. George Paxton (1997-2002)
  14. David Rogers (2002-2005)
  15. Sandy Brigstowe (2005-)

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