The Georgeland Medical Association is the professional association of medical workers in Georgeland, including doctors and nurses, medical orderlies, specialists and anybody else working in a recognised medical field or facility. Prior to 1996, the GMA only functioned as the association for medical doctors; however, reforms have led to its becoming an umbrella organisation for several others. The trade unions of nurses (NNU) and medical staff such as orderlies and hospital workers (UIHWA) are now included in the GMA's management structure. The GMA also functions as a nominal doctors' union, though it has no 'official' trade union status.
The GMA has a federalised structure, with a national President and Executive, plus seven state branches and a smaller branch for the Federal District. The GMA's National President tends to be the organisation's main spokesperson.
The GMA was formed in 1943 as an organisation for doctors only. It began to fill a trade union role in the 1950s.
The GMA can be seen as an equivilant to the AMA in the United States and the same acronym in Australia or the BMA in the UK

List of Presidents of the Georgeland Medical Association

  1. Dr. George Creswell 1943-1950
  2. Dr. Edward Brookes 1950-1952
  3. Dr. John Halloway 1952-1960
  4. Dr. Kenneth Wolfe 1960-1965
  5. Dr. John Garland 1965-1971
  6. Dr. Peter Kennedy 1971-1975
  7. Dr. Leslie Shand 1975-1978
  8. Dr. Neil Hope 1978-1982
  9. Dr. Stephen Ellis 1982-1985
  10. Dr. Christine Hinkle 1985-1987
  11. Dr. Joe Eck 1987-1991
  12. Dr. Elizabeth Kenney 1991-1998
  13. Dr. Simon Jones 1998-2004
  14. Dr. Mark Holt 2004-2010
  15. Dr. Sarah Paxton 2010-

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