Nickname(s) "The Blues"
"The Islanders"
Association Georgeland Football Association
Confederation AFC (honorary)
Head coach Douglas Marrick
Asst coaches Jesse Hulme
Matt Branchett
Diego Sorora
Captain' Anthony Quested
Most caps David Knight (156)
Top scorer Anthony Quested (72)
FIFA ranking 20
Highest FIFA ranking 11 (May 1995)
Lowest FIFA ranking 48 (July 1967)
Elo ranking 24
Highest elo ranking 9 (May 1977)
Lowest elo ranking 71 (October 1956)
First international Unofficial
England 5-1Georgeland
London, England; 28 May 1906
Yugoslavia 2-2 Georgeland
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia; 19 August 1925
Biggest win Georgeland 12-0 Guam
Santa Christina, Georgeland; 17 April 2000
Biggest loss' Uruguay 9-1 Georgeland
Montevideo, Uruguay; 18 June 1956

Georgeland's national football team have met with limited international success, despite some high-profile players and a solid supporter base. Much of Georgeland's lack of success can be attributed to its 'floating' status among the FIFA confederations - Georgeland was considered by FIFA as part of Africa until 1972, then part of Asia from 1972-1987, and then Oceania from 1987-1997. As of 1997, Georgeland's national team competes as part of the Asian confederation, though it is not a member of that body. Moves are afoot to once again move Georgeland to Africa, as a permanent member.
The national team have appeared in the World Cup five times - in 1938 (France), 1954 (Switzerland), 1966 (England), 1970 (Mexico), 1978 (Argentina) and 1990 (Italy). In 1938 and 1966 Georgeland made it to the semi-finals, and in 1978 it made the quarter-finals; it has not progressed beyond the group stage in any other World Cup. Georgeland missed qualifying for Germany 2006 after a 3-1 loss to Saudi Arabia.
The team's current manager is Douglas Marrick, a former Scottish player. He replaced David Berkowitz in May 2004.
The Georgeland national team's captain is Anthony Quested, who also captains Santa Christina United.

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