The Georgeland Party was a centrist political party that existed in Georgeland between 1961 and 1999, when it was formally absorbed into the United Islands Liberal Party, which is now the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands. The party had a liberal economic standpoint but was socially moderate. At the party's zenith in the 1980s and 1990s, it held the balance of power in the Georgeland Senate and had a number of seats in the House of Commons.

Party Leaders

No.NameElectedLeft officeDeputy leader
1 Edward Goldman19611962None
2 Stephen Kennedy19621970Grant Tulley
3 Norman Tesler19701975George Ryner
4 George Ryner19751985Robert Fisk (1975-1981)
James Hughes (1981-1985)
5 James Hughes19851992Michael Bowman
6 Michael Bowman19921996Ray Jones (1992-1994)
Christine Hinkle (1994-1996)
7 Christine Hinkle19961999Xavier McLaren

Electoral history

YearCommons seats wonSenate seats won% of vote
1962 436.5%
1966 756.9%
1970 977.8%
1973 877.4%
1977 877.3%
1979 1098.9%
1983 1189.1%
1987 14610.5%
1991 16810.4%
1995 (Feb.) 1579.9%
1995 (Oct.) 16710.0%
1997 19710.4%
1999 (Mar.) 20910.1%

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