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Georgeland legislative election, 2005

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Georgeland held parliamentary elections on March 18, 2005. The Liberal Democratic Party under the leadership of Prime Minister Campbell Rhodes won another term, marking the second term of the party under that name but the seventh term for Rhodes personally. The government lost five seats, and the opposition Conservatives won ten. The election was the first to use the instant runoff preferential voting system.

Overall Result


House of Commons

Registered Voters 19,212,674
Votes Cast 18,544,025 Turnout 96.52% -1.67%
Informal Votes 169,343 Informal % 0.91% -1.5%
Party Leader Seats contested Primary Votes % Swing Seats won Change
Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands Campbell Rhodes 261 7,521,410 40.56% NA 137 +6[1]
Conservative Party of Georgeland Sam Richardson 261 8,302,391 44.77% +2.52% 122 +9
Georgeland Alliance Michael Elderton 261 1,963,424 10.58% NA 1 none
Green Party of Georgeland Greg Downes 223 512,313 2.76% -1.4% 0 -2
Union Party of Georgeland Janet Morris 121 219,742 1.18% NA 0 NA
Other Various 233 524,745 2.83% -3.6% 1 -1
Total 18,374,682 261
  1. This figure based on the Liberal/Democratic coalition's total in 2002
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General Elections in Georgeland
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