Georgi Tzorevich

9th State Secretary of The Republic
Preceded by Georgi Atanasov
Succeeded by In Office
12th State Secretary for Transportation
Preceded by Ivan Markov
Succeeded by Nicu Ceaușescu
Spouse Anna Tzorevicova Pavlova (2009-current)
Vivianne Marelli (2006-2009) Esther Rekova (2001-2004), Julianna Sepkovica (1989-1997), Miranda Lemay (1983-1987), Ana Dorevicova (1981-1984).
Children 5

June 20, 1959
Residence Novi Varna
Profession Partisan
Languages Bulgarian, Russian

Georgi Tzorevich is the 9th State Secretary of East Bulgaria. Tzorevich was born in Kosmograd to State Secretary for Popular Justice Peter Tzorevich and Anna Pletkova, a scientist working on sattelites in Kosmograd. One of the S.S.'s grandfathers is Austrian. Peter Tzorevich was the Secretary for Popular Justice of Zagora oblast. In 1969 he was made State Secretary for Popular Justice so the family moved to Novi Varna. Tzorevich Jr. worked in the Novi Varna office that issued National Identification Papers (1980-1986) before joining State service for intelligence (DSR) in the late 1980s, working for the Directorate for Internal Security. In 1990 with the purge of the Republican Army and The Party (of soft commies) Tzorevich was appointed State Secretary for Transportation and in 1998 was made State Secretary of The Republic for being moderate, not a hardliner but not a soft commie. Since coming into power State Secretary Tzorevich has grown more hardline, expressing his animosity toward Europa and the greedy capitalist powers of the west, plus thier puppet states.

Personal life

The S.S. was first married in Novi Varna in 1981. During a holiday in Vegas, he married hooker Miranda Lemay. They were divorced in 1987 and he remarried Republican model Julianna Sepkovica in 1989. In 2006 he married French-Europan model Vivianne Marelli (this was very controversial but she was de-Europa-ised and the entry in the Great Republican Factbook did not mention her capitalist origin).


The S.S. is highly and justly critical of left-wing hippies like Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer, Trevor Prince and Giulio Lamborghini. On Spencer, he was quoted as saying " every woman, putting her impulse above the rational" with regards to her many rash comments. He also said of Prince that he were he Republican he would be in jail for "defaming his nation". Of Lamborghini, he said "hopefully his racing may remove the need for me to do something about him".

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