Ghrean is a language originating in south Medonia. There are Ghrean scriptures dating all the way back to 800PT.

South Medonia



The language is estamated to have less than 10,000 words. To describe something, extra words are added.

Example: For elephants: yama-morenüx (tube animal).


To pluralize, an x is added. An exception is made when the result is difficult to pronounce, then an ex is added.


Statements list words in order of significance. An exception is the fact that description is always first.

Example: For The dog runs: fïno-morenü (loyal animal) morne' (fast walks).


Apostrophes are added at the end of each statement. Apostrephies are also used to separate syllables that would normally be one.


Blena is a modification to the spelling and pronounciation of a word, which tells how or when an action is done.

The most-used blena is the Like Blena. It is used for objects that are like the word in question, but not exactly. For this blena, a u is added.

A common blena formation is called FSB, or first-syllable blending. It takes the last letter of the the word for the way an action is done and adds it to the end of the first syllable.

Example: For run, instead of saying tar-mone (fast-walk), you could say morne.


Over the years of Ghrean existence, slang terms have came and go.

  • Yama-morenüu (normally word for elephant). In the 4-2nd century CT, was popular to use for strange or awry. Slang evolved to mean funny or unexpected.

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