Giants are large, bipedal humanoids that inhabit hilly and mountainous terrain on the eastern continent of Theros. Giants are the largest terrestrial biped on the planet; they can reach heights of fifteen feet and can weigh upwards of four thousand pounds. They possess immense strength, long life spans, and intelligence on par with any of the civilized races.




Giants are fey creatures that utilize magic internally. Unlike elves, who utilize magicka to create ATP, giants use magicka to create reinforced bones, muscle, and flesh.


Although possessing similar bone structure, giant physiology shows extreme variance compared to the other elven species. Proportionally, their limbs are longer than modern elves and they possess larger hands.

Giants vaguely resemble elves, however there features are generally more primitive in appearance and there ears are significantly smaller.

Life cycle

The fetus of a giant gestates for eighteen months before being born. At birth, newborns generally weigh between 90 and 95 pounds, however birth weights of up to 150 pounds are recorded. Newborns are between 38 and 48 inches in height. The early years of a giant’s life are comparable to humans, despite the greatly increased body size. Infants can sit unsupported at 13 months, stand at 18 months, and walk at 27 months. By four and a half years, most giants will be capable of speech.

Puberty generally begins around eighteen years. Females begin ovulating around the age of 20 and males become fertile at the age of 21. Giants are considered sexually mature at the age of 24 although they’ll continue to grow in size well into their 50s; at which point they are considered to be in their prime. Females are generally fertile until around the age of 200 years, at which point they undergo menopause.

The maximum lifespan of a giant is 450 years. But in practice, most giants live around 200 - 250 years. Because of their long lifespans, a single giant female may give birth to a hundred children during her fertile years. Although the actual number of offspring is far, far lower.


Giants are omnivores; however they subsist largely on a diet of meat.


Sleep patterns

Giants are generally dinural. Many hill giants will become nocturnal if they live near civilization to protect themselves from hunters.


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