Seintero Gicoscua
Iccenedron pis Gicosc'
Official languages Nagtoan, Bandeli
Other languages Egraian
Capital Banelie
Government Republic
Area 62,165 km²

The Republic of Gicosco (literally also Republic in Gicosco) is a parliamentary republic in Sadcodanian Peninsula on the continent of Tavastia. It borders Egraio, Geolo, Gacmetsu, Harabon, Nacaran and Iaugart.

The republic is in an important place, since most of the traffic between the extreme end of the peninsula and Geoloan sacred places goes through it.

Continent of Tavastia
Sadcodanian Peninsula, countries: Borano | Egraio | Gacmetsu | Geolo | Gicosco | Harabon | Iaugart | Luwiyya | Nacaran | Sheceo
Nilatien Peninsula, countries: Esbu | Helsink | Vantaga

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