Global Armaments
Type Coglomerate
Founded July 23, 1998
Founder(s) George Marshall
Headquarters Altus City, Chicago
Area served Global
Key people George Marshall
(President & CEO)
Industry Arms manufacturing
Products Weapons, munitions, military vehicles and equipment
Revenue Classified
Employees 352,785
Parent Pravus International
Subsidiaries GA Europe
GA Africa
GA Asia
Global Armaments is a arms manufacturing corporation, and one of the largest businesses in the world. It is a subsidary of Pravus International, a massive conglomerate of some of the largest companies in the world. The company itself produces weapons of kinds and sizes, and is widely praised for the power and reliablity of their products in battle. It was founded by George Marshall, the current president of the corporation. The headquaters of Global Armaments is located in the high-tech walled complex of Altus City, within the Corporate Republic of Chicago. Global Armaments also supplies the private military companies of Pravus, allowing it access to the most modern and up to date weapons and military technologies avaliable.