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The core mechanics of a world are the roots of the total progress and scope of limitations. The things described on this page are concepts that effect all other aspects of the Godorand world.

Chaotic Division

In all elements there exists an endless field of probability that reaches states of acuation when other highly energetic fields interact with it in a process is called Chaotic Division.

New State Actuation

New energy fields that "pop up" as a result of a random chance entanglement of two or more focused energies. A New State Actuation results in that new subtle body.

New State Division

Primary State Division

Magic Integration

In the traditional sense there is no "Magic" that people "Cast". The magic comes from the Ores (Ores of Gordorand) and subsequent Metals. Each ore has its own categorical effect that it emparts. Combined ores, or alloys empart combinations of effects.

Power Entanglement

When two or more empowered ores are located in an are of organic growth for long periods of time, they can have a combined effect on those organisms. Power Entanglement is the explaination of how they got those alterations or mutations.