"The Lord is Protection."                                                                 
  • Goodmuly and neighboring kingdoms
  • Goodmulians are mostly Christian

- Goodmulian motto

Basic Information

Official Name: Democratic Empire of Goodmuly Location: Southeastern Akeera

Capital: Enthre

Government: Democratic Empire

Area: 115,951 sq mi(including nautical claims)

Currency: Goodmulian Krishin

Languages: Goodmulian(official), Debrovi, Cadmanian

Religion: Christianity(95%), Arcanism(2%), Verianism(2%), Other(1%)

Population: 940,000 (GHO census-4A 3465)

Life Expectancy: 78.3 years

Climate: Tropical Monsoon Climate(mainland), Tundra and Tropical woodlands

Main Export: Seafoods


Goodmuly's Keeps

Geographic/Political Feature

Keep Color Keep Capital
Zionin Keep Capital Red

Enthre(Zionin Capital Keep)

Cantirio(Zionin Outer Keep)

Amarilian Keep archipelagic region Blue
Scimidian Keep deserts Yellow
Deltian Keep island Green
Haelswort Keep island Black
Godos Keep strip Violet
Phirin Keep peninsula Gray
Miganian Keep fertile plains Orange
Timikino Keep strip Indigo
Belereine Keep mountain ranges White
Eastern Front strip Brown

Goodmuly is generally an island just 25 miles Southeast off the coastlines of the Akeeran mainland. The Keeps of Zionin , Timikino , Godos, MiganiaBelereine and the Eastern Front  are located here; The Amarilian Keep is at the north of the Zionin Keep; The islands of Deltia and Haelswort are located at Zionin's west; The Scimidian Keep is at the island's northwest; and the Phirin Keep is northeast of the Scimidian Keep .



This is a table of the GHO census-year 4A 3465:

GHO census-4A 3465
Groups Percentage
Goodmulians 34.2%
Amarites 22.4%
Scimidians 21.5%
Phirins 16.1%
Colonials 4.5%
Other 1.3%


All the New and Old races can be found in Goodmuly. These are the:

Goodmulian Race Percentage
Races Percentage
Jenogar 26.7%
Helgar 25.4%
Leitrar 19.2%
Velcomar 15.2%
Ranescar 13.5%

Climate and Seasons

Climate and Seasons
Keep/s General Climate Seasons(Sequence)

Zionin Keep

Timikino Keep

Godos Keep

Eatern Front

Amarilian Keep(islands)

Tropical Monsoon Climate

Dry Winters

Hot Summers

Tropical Season

Post-Tropical Season

Belereine Keep Tundra Climate



Post-Tropical Season 

Phirin Keep

Tundra Climate


Cold Winters

Maritime Wet Season

Continental Dry Season

Hot Summers

Scimidian Keep Semi-Arid Climate

Maritime Wet Season

Continental Summers

Post-Continental Summers

Maritime Dry Season


Goodmuly's government is a Democratic Empire. The head is the Emperor, gaining power through dynasties. In other cases wherein the dynasty leaves no heir to the throne, the people elect a new Emperor, depending on the situation.

The people have the utmost right to express their concerns through an organization, a small body of elected officers, assigned to each important task.

Different Organizations


  • Department of Food and Medicines
  • Bureau of Protection
  1. Fire Protection
  2. Social Protection
  3. Judicial Protection
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Health
  • Educational Administration

     Peasant's Council:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Aquaculture
  • Skyclear Deartment
  • Security Services Administration

      Church of Goodmulian Covenant Order :

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