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Government House
Luminaire Government House.jpg
Type Government offices
Location 1 East Commons
Luminaire, NCR, Atlion
Owner City of Luminaire
Started 1927
Completed 1928
Floor count 7
Floor area 55,741 m2 (600,000 sq ft)
Cost $5.87 million
Architect Davis & Beckley

Government House, also known as Luminaire Hall, is the seat of the municipal government of the City of Luminaire and the state-level government of the National Capital Region. It was built in 1927 to replace the old Luminaire Hall building at the same site, which was deemed too small to house the city government. The principal architect was Samuel Davis of the architect group Davis and Beckley.



Government House has 600,000 square feet of space on six floors. It covers the entire space of a city block. The spire atop the dome reaches to a total building height of 307 feet above ground level.