The Government of the United Commonwealths of America is a Semi-Presidential Parliamentary democracy, where the President is the head of state, and the Prime Minister has no power outside of the National Assembly. The President of the United Commonwealths is it's executive, the National Assembly of the United Commonwealths is the country's legislature, and the Supreme Court of the United Commonwealths as its judicary.

Executive Branch

The executive power in the government is vested in the President of the United Commonwealths. The President, does not have a running mate, but instead appoints the Prime Minister who is head of the National Assembly. The party's own rules and principles delegate on how their official candidate for president is chosen. The President may serve three four-year terms, after that time has been fulfilled they may not run for presidency again.

The President also has a legislative role. When a bill passes the Assembly, the executive branch reviews it and may turn it down with sufficient reason. If the Assembly feels the executive did not have a sufficient reason for turning down the legislation, the bill can be proposed again, and must have unanimous support from each Senator. Alternatively, the executive's decision can be challenged in the Supreme Court, where a decision can be overturned.

The President is the only member of the Executive Branch, as the Prime Minister is part of the Legislative Brach of the government;

Office Incumbent Picture in office since
President of the United Commonwealths John Henry Eden 621uncpres 2011

Presidential Ministry

Seal Department Office Incumbent
Ministryofdefencesealuca Ministry of Defence Minister of Defense Adam Jensen
Ministryoffinanceseal Ministry of Finance Minister of Finance Amelia Lowe
Home Officeuca Home Office Minister of The Interior Timothy Rorschach
Ministryofeduculture Ministry of Education and Culture Education and Culture Secretary Elliot McConnel
Foreign Officeuca Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Jennifer Adamson
Ministryofhealthuca Ministry of Health Minister of Health William Darrel
Ministryofscienceuca Ministry of Science Minister of Science Prof. Reginald Frank
Ministryofjusticesealuca Ministry of Justice Attorney General Constance Harm
Ministryofenergyuca Ministry of Energy Minister of Energy Aaron Kimball
Ministryoftransportuca Ministry of Transport Minister of Transportation Frank Monroe

Legislative Branch

The National Assembly of the United Commonwealths is the unicameral legislature and parliament of the government of the United Commonwealths. The Assembly meets in the National Assembly Building in Olympia, Washington Commonwealth. Members of Parliament are chosen through direct election. Each commonwealth is required to have five at the Assembly. The Assembly has 302 seats. The Prime Minister of the United Commonwelaths, James Dealey, is the presiding officer of the Assembly, as well as second in the presidential line of succession, after the President. The Assembly acts as a regulator for the judicial and executive branches. The current leadership is as follows;

Department Office Incumbent Picture in office since


National Assembly of the United Commonwealths

Prime Minister of the United Commonwealths James Dealey Jamesdealey 2011

Judiciary Branch

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