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The Government of the Free Republic of China takes place in the framework of a Presidential Parliamentary Republic, with the Articles of Declaration serving as its constitution from which the nation operates. 

China's head of state is the President, who has the highest amount of power within the nation. The President selects and appoints the Prime Minister, Head of Government. The President is elected by a General Election for a five year period, and a particular candidate may only serve 3 terms in his or her life time. 


Executive Arm

The Executive Arm of the Chinese Government consists of the President of China, and the Executive Cabinet, made up of the heads of each government ministry. The President is elected for 5 year terms, and appoints the Prime Minister.

Office Incumbent Picture
Office of the President of the Free Republic of China Fei Wan Prime Minister Fei Wan

Executive Cabinet

Department Office Incumbent
Foreign Office Foreign Minister Song Tsao
Ministry of Finance Finance Minister
Ministry of Education Education Minister Mei Huang
Ministry of National Security National Security Minister Lahoom Cheng
Ministry of Internal Security Internal Security Minister  Qin Wang 

Legislative Arm

Prime Minister of China

Free Assembly of China

Judicial Arm

Superior Courts of China

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