Turkestan's Government takes place within the framework of a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Republic, with the head of state being the ceremonial Khan of Turkestan, and the head of government being the Prime Minister of Turkestan, who, along with the Cabinet holds the Executive Arm. Turkestan has a unicameral parliament, the People's Assembly of Turkestan, forming the Legislative Arm, and the Judiciary Arm made up of the Superior Courts of Turkestan. 



Executive Arm

Prime Minister


The Cabinet or the  is made up of the Head Ministers of each government ministry or department, and are tasked with making sure the Prime Minister does his job properly, and to give advice relating to different parts of the Turkestan Government. 

Department Office Incumbent
Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkestan
Foreign Minister Otabek Stavok
Home Affairs Ministry of Turkestan
Home Minister Farhood Meqby
Justice Ministry of Turkestan
Justice Minister Aziza Maguela
National Security Ministry of Turkestan
Minister of National Security Muzaffar Ivetleri
Public Health Ministry of Turkestan
Minister of Public Health Madison Jaloliddin
Public Security Ministry of Turkestan
Minister of Public Security Henrik Mustafar

Public Service Ministry of Turkestan

Minister of Public Service Zafar Nihazyoz
Turkic Culture Ministry of Turkestan
Minister of Culture Ismail Nahardy

Legislative Arm

People's Assembly of Turkestan

Judiciary Arm

Superior Courts of Turkestan

Political Parties

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