The Governor of Delmago Island is the titular head of the Delmago Island state government. The Governor is chosen by the state legislature, and confirmed by a majority vote. By convention, the Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition agree on a candidate. The Governor serves a five-year term; it can be renewed as often as the government chooses.
There is no law preventing the Governor being a member of a political party; however, no Governor has and it would be a break with convention to appoint such a partisan figure as Governor.

List of Governors of Long Island

Lieutenant Governors 1933-1958

Lieutenant Governors were appointed by the Governor of Mainland to represent him on the island.

No.NameAssumed officeLeft office
1 Thomas Delahunty 1933 1940
2 Allan Johnson 1940 1944
3 Richard Exeter 1944 1951
4 James Byron 1951 1958

Governors 1958-

No.NameAssumed officeLeft office
1 Maurice Lewis 1958 1963
2 Hunter Grant 1963 1973
3 Joseph Rothschild 1973 1978
4 John Baldwin 1978 1982
5 Paul Rose 1982 1988
6 Susan Wilkes 1988 1993
7 Patrick Harker 1993 1998
8 Michael Walker 1998 2008
9 Malika Chadhar 2008 Incumbent

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