The Governor of West Mainland is the constitutional head of the government of the Georgeland state of West Mainland. Constitutionally, the Governor is the leader of the state's government. The Governor must approve all legislation by signature - theoretically, the Governor has the power to veto bills from the state legislature; this power is yet to be exercised.
The Governor is elected for a renewable four-year term by all eligible voters in the state. Following a referendum in October 2006, from 2008 West Mainland became the second state to appoint its governor by recommendation of the legislature (the first is Delmago Island). The law does not specifically forbid the Governor belonging to a political party; the tradition of a politically independent Governor is honoured, however. It is not yet clear if this practice will be honoured in future.
The Governor in practice serves only as a very ceremonial figure. The Governor conducts the official opening of the legislature and swears in state ministers. The Governor is also patron of several organisations.