Prior to Georgeland's independence in 1891 from the United Kingdom, Georgeland was governed as a British overseas possession. The Colony of Georgeland recieved its first official Governor in 1797. The early Governors had total control over the colony, and were all military officers. Over time, a more responsible form of government developed, and by the 1860s the Governor had become a ceremonial position, with power held by the Colonial Assembly and the Chief Minister of the Colony of Georgeland.

List of Governors of the Colony of Georgeland

  1. Captain Roger Leechworth 1797-1804
  2. Captain John Galloway 1804-1814
  3. Commodore Sir Arthur Harrow 1814-1819
  4. Colonel Sir George Fremont 1819-1831
  5. Admiral Sir Charles Barrow, later Lord Barrow 1831-1837
  6. Captain Andrew McDonnell 1837-1843
  7. Earl of Leicester 1843-1853
  8. Baron Whitley 1853-1860
  9. Alexander Cameron Dulles, later Viscount Dulles 1860-1866
  10. Charles Douglas Cameron, later Viscount Cameron 1866-1870
  11. Admiral Sir Charles Edward Fox 1870-1878
  12. Sir Daniel White 1878-1885
  13. Arthur Paddock, Baron Paddock 1885-1891

Following the adoption of the Georgeland Governance Act in 1891, and the signature of Queen Victoria on that act, Georgeland became a self-governing Dominion. The position of Governor was replaced by that of Governor-General of Georgeland.

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