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Gríaghechéainn, Fernolian for "Sun's Head", known as Sunhead in English (pronunciation: [ˈgri:jˌxa:n]), is a flower endemic to the Valley of Eternal Rain. Its Latin designation is Amorsolis Fluorescentis. It is known for its inherent fluorescence.


The name "Sun's Head" is derived from the fact that the plant's yellow flowers are fluorescent, which, in the eternally rainy Valley of Eternal Rain, can give the illusion of sunshine coming from the flower's head.


Gríaghechéainn is a flowering plant with a long, thick stem and head with several dozens of yellow flowers during flowering season. It is weakly fluorescent, an effect that is multiplied when standing close to each other. When in bunches they are described to have been visible from at least 4 miles away.

They grow in the grasslands and flowerlands of the Valley of Eternal Rain, without any known specimens being located in rocky or forested area.

Importance for insects

Gríaghechéainn is an important source of nectar for bee populations living on the grass- and flowerlands. They are also frequented by all kinds of butterflies, being the only source of food for the Imscéathaig butterfly living along the riversides in the flowerlands.

Importance for humans

Gríaghechéainn is used for navigation for scientific and guided excursions to the Valley of Eternal Rain, especially during night time. Its fluorescence serves well as a waypoint for these travellers.


The fluorescence in the flowers is created through an abundance of Vitamin B2 in the flowers and the particular wavelength of the light travelling through the deck of clouds, especially at night or when the rainclouds are darker than usual. Due to government restrictions, no particular research has been carried out on the plants, and the exact description of the nature of its fluorescence is yet to be discovered.

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