A Brief Overview of the Grand Alliance

The Grand Alliance was created from inspiration from the Jurponese Dream in 2022. At it's height in 2059, it is made up of 33 moddern countries, as well as parts of 2 others. It is the biggest country on Earth... by a longshot. I mean, the first four countries it included were Turkey, Belarus, Armenia, and RUSSIA! Anyway, that's enough about its size. It's a major world power because of its size and its strength.



The Grand Alliance's formation was sparked ny the Jurponese Dream during the Jurponese Revolution. Leaders of Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Belarus decided to come together in 2022 as the Grand Alliance. This is the same year Archie-Glapto was formed. Greece and Tsiviada were also at the meeting, but they chose not to become part of The Grand Alliance.

Increasing Size and Might

IN 2024, The Allied Arab States voted to become part of the Grand Alliance. This added Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates to the Grand Alliance. The Grand Alliance was now a member of OPEC.

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