The armed forces of the GBM are called the Grand Brazil Military, and have three branches, the Army, Navy, and Air Force. They also have a special force, similar to the U.S Marine Corps, called the Air Soldiers. The Air Soldiers use the Air Force’s transports to travel anywhere in the world as a rapid response task force.


The total military has 730,000 soldiers, since the Peruvian remnants were absorbed into the GBM. There was also a nationwide draft in 2007 to add to the numbers of soldiers.

The Army is the largest branch followed by the Air Force, Navy, and Air Soldiers.


The Army is the largest branch with 400,000 active soldiers. The Army uses Overwatch produced guns and every soldier is outfitted with olive camouflage, rapid firing guns called Shock Rifles, a ka-bar knife, and a multi-tool. Some special soldiers have tomahawks and machetes as standard gear.

Air Force

The Brazilian government struck a major deal with Lockheed to expand their Air Force in 2007, making it a major branch. The Air Force is the second largest branch and the Air Soldiers are a splinter group of it. The standard fighter of the Air Force is a Lockheed produced plane called the F-18 Monarch, a spin off of the F-18 that has better ground support options. The A-10 Warthog is another commonly used plane and the Air Soldiers use the A-10 as their main plane.


The main job of the Navy is to stop piracy, enforce embargos, and help with Naval security around the country. Typical fleets have a few large scale ships, as many as six, and a compliment of patrol boats and fighter wings. There are also smaller, anti smuggling fleets made up of smaller, more agile, gunboats.

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