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Gravity amplifier

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Gravity amplifier
Tag(s) Researchable
Purpose(s) Weapon (Corrosive)
Prerequisite tech(s)
Development time(s) A = \int_{0}^{t} \int_{0}^{n} 1 - \frac{n}{C N}\, dn \, dt

Project size (A): 1,200,000
Researcher saturation point (N): 10,000
Maximum research speed if C = 1: 200 sec
Enables Gravity manipulator
Miscellaneous notes

Gravity amplifiers can cause the area around the vessel to suddenly greatly increase/decrease in gravity. This doesn't affect the originating vessel, but the closer another vessel is to it the more it is affected, and it is brought over toward/away from the gravity manipulator. This is good for keeping enemy units close by or in the area of effect of certain activated buffs, or for doing likewise for allied units.

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