Great Britannian Empire
Flag of Great Britain
Coat of Arms of the Great Britannian Empire
Motto: Rule Britannia!
Anthem: God Save The King
Map of the Great Britannian Empire
Map of the Great Britannian Empire
Capital London
Largest City Tokyo
Official languages English
Ethnic groups All Global Races
Demonym Britannian
Government Constitutional Monarchy Empire
• Monarch
Gordon III
Edward Stewarts
• Acts of Union
1 May 1707
• Union with Ireland
1 January 1801
• Great Britannian Act
1 October 1876
• Total
510,072,000 km2 (196,940,000 sq mi) (1st)
• Estimate
7.1 billion
Currency Britannian Pound (GBP)
Time zone GMT
Calling code various
Internet TLD .gbe

The Great Britannian Empire, often referred to as Britannia, is a massive and the only global empire, controlling all continents of the world. Beginning with the Kingdom of Great Britain, imperialism caused the once small country to take over the entire world by the year 2000. Currently, King Gordon III rules over the empire with Chancellor Edward Stewarts, who was elected democratically. The population is at over 7.1 billion people, spanning over the seven continents.


Timeline of the Great Britannian Empire
Following the Acts of Union, the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed, composed of England, Wales, and Scotland. The new nation soon set out on a surge of imperialism to control portions of the world.