Great Ixanian Empire
Xevan Xi-Xivon Xena (xi)

Flag of Ixania
Location of the Great Ixanian Empire
Location of the Great Ixanian Empire
Motto: Vin yok Xauti mi xo avena, ai xo kino xin vi xi
Fear only Xauti and his anger, and he shall be with you
Anthem: Vin Ca Nu Mi Xoma
Fear Them Not My Children
(and largest city)
Official language Xiani
Ethinic groups Numerous
Demonym Ixanian

- Tazen
- Consort
Absolute constitutional monarchy
Varsha Xo-Xevan
Aisho Xa-Xaka
Legislature N/A
- Establishment

17 June 1508
- Total

- Water (%)

19,483,180 km²
12,106,287 sq mi
- 2013 estimate
- Density

84.75/sq mi
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$37.910 trillion
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$37.910 trillion
Gini (2012) 51.7 (very high)
HDI (2012) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.804 (very high)
Ixanian axun (₳) (IXA)
Time Zone Several
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
Drive on the right
Internet TLD .xi
Calling code Several
The Great Ixanian Empire (Xiani: Xevan Xi-Xivon Xena) is a massive empire spanning across 23 nations and dominions located on five seperate continents throughout the globe, all of whom are governed by the Honorable Union of Ixania. It was first established in 1508 by Tazen Vakan Xo-Xijo, who ordered the creation of the first Ixanian colony in West Africa, Maukona. The empire is still at the apex of its power, governing the lives of 1,083,270,660, and controlling 19,483,180 km2 (12,106,287 sq mi) of land. Under the empire, Xiani has grown to become the second-largest spoken language in the world.

The formation of the empire during the Age of Discovery was swift and decisive, and done with the express goal of shaming the European powers that were claiming lands across the world. This was further done with the aim of proving the strength and power of the Ixanian people, and led to a boom in Ixanian thought and culture in select regions of the globe. Ixania was one of three nations that pioneered early exploration, an it grew quickly as a result, claiming and settling the then unknown continent of Xavai in 1526, locking the European colonial empires out a mineral-rich land that superceded even Ixania's home islands is sheer weight of resources, such as the Platinum Mountains of Ixara.

Today, the Great Ixanian Empire remains the wealthiest power in the world, and the foremost superpower, having recently invaded in dethroned the United States in that category. Though engaged in the ongoing Xivon-American War, the empire is very clearly capable of engaging other threats in other regions such as recently conquered Switzerland (now known as the Dominion of Hexina). The growth of this power has worried many in the international community, and has been the deciding factor in preventing organizations such as the United Nation and the European Union from taking action against Ixania. With the League of Sovereign Nations around its belt too, the Great Ixanian Empire is simply too strong for any one nation to stand against.


Origins (1508–1693)

The beginning of the Great Ixanian Empire took place during the reign of Tazen Vakan Xo-Xijo, who sought to compete with the European colonial empire growing across the globe. His desire to do so led to the authorization of Ixanian subjects establishing a colony on the coast of West Africa in 1508, founding the colony of Maukona. This began the start of Ixanian imperialism around the world, which was fueled by their desire to gain notoriety from their European rivals. The huge mineral reserves and natural resources controlled by Ixania, allowed it to develop the mercantile fleet necessary to maintaining the colonial empire it was developing practically overnight. It also allowed Ixania to develop a large armada to enforce it command of these growing possessions from Europe, which was clearly interested in the development of the new empire.

Under Tazen Xo-Xijo, the Ixanians moved to establish control over Maukona (1508) and Amazar (1514). Amazar was taken from the native population that had been on the losing side of a pre-existing conflict with Ixania in the late-1400s. With the majority of the native population subdued, the Ixanians moved in and established the city of Manokar in 1512, and gained colony-status in 1514. The growth of the young global power was considered a threat to European prestige, and thus had to be extinguished before it became a major threat to their own power. The first of these conflicts to prevent Ixania from expanding took place in 1530, between Ixania and Spain.

Strategically, Spain was in no position to wage a war with Ixania. On Ixania's side, there was a population of 25 million people, hardened to conflict and veterans of their own brutal conflicts. On Spain's side was a large fleet for the day, but a small population of nine million people, and few soldiers save for the 20-40,000 they were realistically capable of fielding. The Ixanians had been preparing for the Spanish offensive for decades, and had long ago set up traps and plans of their own for the Spanish invasion. When the Spainards invaded, the Ixanians murdered all of them, trapping their fleet in the Silver Sea, and forcing their troops to disembark in mountainous terrain.





Dominions & Territories

Flag Vak/Emblem Name Area
Population density
(per km²)
Flag of Adeka 22px Adeka N/A 2,282,931 N/A N/A
Flag of Akama 22px Akama N/A 13,404,796 N/A N/A
Flag of Marika 22px Amarika 2,772,792 165,250,114 59.59 Ni-Vok
Flag of Amazar 22px Amazar 4,864,995 31,708,543 6.51 N/A
Flag of Axuna 22px Axuna 1,150,190 43,796,726 38.07 N/A
Flag of Azada 22px Azada 66,452 18,526,732 278.79 N/A
22px 22px Ekran N/A 29,097,288 N/A N/A
Flag of Hexina 22px Hexina 41,285 5,983,103 144.92 N/A
Flag of Ixania Imperial Coat of Arms of Ixania Ixania 373,634 142,154,121 380.46 Xanza
Flag of Javan 22px Javan 32,424 42,591,206 1,313.57 Tonoko
Flag of Kamara 22px Kamara N/A 20,217,188 N/A N/A
Flag of Kon 22px Kon N/A 82,120,412 N/A N/A
Flag of Kuroshima 22px Kuroshima 102,357 34,145,668 333.59 N/A
Flag of Marza 22px Marza N/A 203,171,275 N/A N/A
Flag of Maukona 22px Maukona 2,515,035 34,161,407 13.58 Vika-Xa
Flag of Naqistan 22px Naqistan 12,703 3,419,612 269.19 N/A
Flag of Nivaka 22px Nivaka 1,407,148 6,129,307 4.35 N/A
Flag of Vinoka 22px Vinoka N/A 72,637,102 N/A N/A
Flag of Vonara 22px Vonara N/A 38,112,669 N/A N/A
22px 22px Vreena N/A 44,702,771 N/A N/A
Flag of Wushan Crest of Wushan Wushan 80,951 35,327,403 436.40 Yinshen
Flag of Xara 22px Xara 176,295 6,547,140 37.13 N/A